About Us

Formation of ASPIRE

The Ministry of Education (formerly, the Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India commissioned IIT Bombay to build a Research Park at the IIT Bombay campus in Powai, Mumbai. Set up in 2016, ASPIRE - IIT Bombay’s Research Park Foundation (IITBRPF) is a non-profit entity to accelerate innovation and research to achieve impactful outcomes. Modelled on learnings from successful national and global research parks, ASPIRE is set to become the nerve centre linking knowledge, expertise, and resources to boost industry-academia culture in India.

What we do at ASPIRE


To achieve recognition for innovation, entrepreneurship and research excellence through industry-academia collaboration.


To establish an innovation hub through industry-academia collaboration

Enable two-way flow of knowledge and resources

Creation of joint IITB-industry R&D groups for stronger impact

Strengthen engagement with industry to translate IIT Bombay research

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is recognised as a leader in the field of engineering education and research. The campus continues to witness the merging of exceptional faculty and bright students, making it a hub of innovation. ASPIRE invites industries to take root on this campus to build on the intellectual capital of IIT Bombay.