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From companies that have prospered during their time at Stanford Research Park, to initiatives driven by Stanford University, equity efforts, and more — discover our many facets of success.

Applied Materials India

Associated with IITB since 2005

In line with its commitment to IIT Bombay and in support of India’s vision of becoming an electronics manufacturing hub, Applied Materials India became the first anchor client at IIT Bombay’s Research Park in 2015. The facility enables close interaction with faculty and student researchers and benefits from seamless access to labs, equipment and services. The journey that started with few sponsored programs in 2005, over the last decade and half has grown exponentially to include India’s first university –based facility with 200 mm fab tools, three on-site labs focusing on Nanotechnology, Chemistry & Material Sciences and R&D on next-generation technologies, and a jointly offered Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing Certification Program, the first of its kind in India.  The collaboration has also catalyzed the establishment of two national research centers at IIT Bombay 

– the Center of Excellence in Nanoelectronics (CEN) and the National Center for Photovoltaics Research & Education (NCPRE). Applied Materials India has sponsored more than 100 projects as a research partner for IIT Bombay to develop cutting-edge technology in various areas. As Applied Materials India looks to the future with IIT Bombay as an ‘institute of eminence’, it finds an opportunity to expand this visionary collaboration into more exciting and emerging areas like nanofabrication, manufacturing and materials, sustainable chemical science, health sciences and engineering.

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“Applied Materials is delighted to be the anchor client of the Research Park & congratulates IITB on realizing its vision of being an innovation hub. Our 15-year partnership with IIT Bombay is an exemplary benchmark for how a global innovation leader and a leading research university can collaborate to shape a rich & sustainable future.”
Dr Suraj Rengarajan
India CTO, Applied Materials India


Associated with IITB Research Park since June 2018

Ubisoft in India has been associated with the IITB Research Park since 2018. The Ubisoft team at IITB Research Park works on developing solutions involving Computer Vision and Machine Learning that can be integrated with QC and Production needs in the future. To our benefit, most of our team members at the Ubisoft India Research Unit hail from the very institute and they work in close collaboration with faculties and students from IITB on research projects. We work closely with two professors who are renowned 

scholars in the field of AI/ML and computer vision. Apart from this, we have access to many other Professors in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics etc., and also to students who are seeking Bachelors, Masters and PhD’s in these subjects.

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“We come from a video gaming industry that is young & dynamic, and being integrated with one of India’s premier institutes has opened up numerous avenues of collaboration and opportunities. No matter how ambitious the vision is, the Research Park team has always assisted us to the best of their abilities, thereby solidifying our presence at IIT Bombay.”
Mr. Syed Abbas
Managing Director, Ubisoft India Studios


Associated with IITB Research Park since February 2017

Our association with IITB Research Park has brought several benefits to our work. Most important is the access to the various laboratories of IITB: for fabricating devices & 3D printed structures, characterizing devices, conducting bio experiments, access to faculty for discussion & collaboration etc. We have also benefited from our association with students of IITB as our interns. It has worked both ways – he students got to work on cutting edge projects that have a ‘product’, & we got interns who were brilliant at work.

Through IITB Research Park we were allowed to test our security product: Nanosniffer – Explosives Trace Detector, at IITB’s Main Gate. This allowed us to collect and test field data in real-time. This activity was immensely useful in improving the field performance of our product.

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“We were the Startup anchor for IIT Bombay Research Park and the association has been a fruitful one for us. Having a space to work in the IITB campus and access to several labs has helped in our product development and product testing. With the help of the Research Park team, we hired some of the finest talents of IIT Bombay as student interns who benefitted by working on real cutting-edge problems.”
Dr Nitin Kale
Co-founder & CTO, NanoSniff Technologies Pvt Ltd



NTT Global Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure India Private Ltd

Associate Member of ASPIRE –  IITB Research Park

CORE Energy Systems Limited

Associate Member since 9th June 2023

Arrdy Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Associate Member since 20th June 2023

Baker Hughes

Associate Member with IIT Bombay Research Park since 10th April 2023.

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