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ASPIRE – IIT Bombay Research Park Building, IIT Bombay Campus, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076.
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Frequently Asked Questions

ASPIRE serves as a catalyst for R&D collaboration between industries and IIT Bombay, fostering mutual value creation. It evolves into an innovation hub, driving advancements in science and technology for industry and societal impact. By providing industry-centric working spaces, ASPIRE facilitates collaborative efforts to develop innovative solutions and advance emerging technologies towards commercialisation. Additionally, we offer students invaluable corporate research exposure, contributing to the growth of a talented and competent workforce in the country.

At ASPIRE, companies have two modes of association. They can become associate members, collaborating virtually with our ecosystem, or register as client members, accessing physical spaces for direct engagement. Choose the mode that best suits your collaboration needs and join us in fostering innovation.

Clients associated with ASPIRE benefit from accessing the expertise of our esteemed faculty and collaborative environment, fostering multidisciplinary research. They enjoy seamless access to IIT Bombay’s labs, infrastructure, and centres of excellence while co-locating R&D assets at our premises. Furthermore, our extensive library resources enhance research capabilities. Interactions with IITB’s intellectual capital, including students and faculty, facilitate valuable insights and innovation.

Companies physically located at ASPIRE do not directly access the R&D facilities at IIT Bombay. However, they gain access to a myriad of opportunities, including project engagements with faculty and students. IIT Bombay Research Park fosters collaboration through various engagement modes, facilitating meaningful interactions and potential partnerships between industry and academia.

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