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Industries collaborate with IITB through ASPIRE’s. There are two ways:
Resident Membership – Establish R&D Center on-campus.
Associate Membership – Virtual platform

ASPIRE serves as a bridge, fostering interaction between Industry and IIT Bombay. By comprehending the wants and needs of the industry, ASPIRE effectively links them with pertinent Academic & Non-academic Departments, COEs, Faculty, and student bodies/students.

ASPIRE can connect you with IITB’s technology Incubator – SINE. For more information, please visit their website –
ASPIRE is open to new suggestions but the list of existing modes of engagement can be found here
ASPIRE can act as a bridge between the Placement cell of IIT Bombay and its member companies with respect to the internships and placements.
ASPIRE doesn’t directly offer scholarships or funding. However, it collaborates with industry partners to connect students with financial support for research, innovation, and entrepreneurial initiatives.
Yes, ASPIRE collaborates with IIT Bombay students to organize co-curricular/extra curricular events. Students need to submit a proposal with details of the event.
Yes, ASPIRE may provide curricular projects through its member companies. Some identified modes are SLP-IDP [Supervised Learning Program – Industry Defined Projects ], BTP [B.Tech Projects], DDP [Dual Degree Projects] & MTP [M.Tech Projects]. For more details – click here
ASPIRE is the single window facilitating any interaction or engagement that the industry may want to have with IIT Bombay. In addition, it also offers space to co-locate the industry R&D labs on IITB campus. For more information, Check out the section Connect, Collocate, Collaborate
ASPIRE, in partnership with IRCC, offers companies administrative support to its Member companies.To know more about IRCC, please visit –
ASPIRE Member Companies may partner with SINE to offer startups accelerator programs, industry networking, and corporate collaboration opportunities, bolstering their growth. Learn more at
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