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Conclave on Future Innovations & Trends in Automotive Design & Smart Transportation Systems

Electrifying our transportation is India’s commitment to the globe. It is also crucial for national security – on land, sea, air, and space. This will require a broad range of new technologies: batteries, power electronics, controls, sensing and communication – which will make vehicles of the future smart and sustainable for our planet. It will also require strong interaction between academia and industry to translate research into products. It will require the government to play a strong supporting role. The goal of this Conclave is to explore the synergy between IIT Bombay, industry and national labs across the spectrum of technologies needed to enable electric transportation; and to present the Research Park as a platform to host an e-mobility R&D ecosystem on our campus that will play a transformative role for our nation. To that end, the invitees include leaders from relevant industries, strategic agencies, government departments & ministries, and armed forces technical corps not to mention IIT Bombay faculty who come with world-class expertise in all these technology areas as well as a strong interest in working with industry.

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